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I Think I’ve Got PMDD, Now What?

Whether you have an official diagnosis or think you need one, welcome to the journey of figuring out what works for you!

Ways we treat our PMDD There are several ways to approach PMDD, some natural and some that require a doctor's prescription. Many people stick to a natural route with supplements and diets, others take birth control, SSRIs and exercise for relief. Here are some popular ways people are treating PMDD in 2021.


The vitamin aisle is full of options for people who want natural ways to tread their PMDD, including:

Some proprietary products like Go With the Flo are also getting good reviews.


Bad news but it's probably best to quit coffee or at least switch to decaf. Other fun things you probably need to skip during day 14-28 include histamine rich foods like bone broth and dairy.

Some people find success with seed cycling, eating different kinds of seeds throughout the month to promote estrogen and progesterone.


Exercise is a natural antidepressant, so that’s one more natural tool in your PMDD tool belt. Make a movement chart to remind yourself to get that blood flowing every day or sign up for a virtual dance class from across the world.


The rising and crashing of estrogen and progesterone have some people thinking progesterone is a way to treat PMDD.

Some docs prescribe low-dose progesterone pills or birth control with progesterone like Slynd. New science shows blocking progesterone is the key. (How are we supposed to know?!)


Some people take it after ovulation until bleeding, other people take it all month long. The uptick is immediate (unlike most people’s 10-14 day response to SSRI). Drugs you might see prescribed:

  • Pristiq

  • Prozac (generic is called fluoxetine)

  • Zoloft

If you're looking for more people who share this experience join a support group. If you want to get an official diagnosis, first use clinical guidelines to self-diagnose.


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