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Live and Online Support for PMDD

There are people out there who know what's up — people with PMDD who totally get it. Here are some places you can find support and validation from people who experience the same kinds of symptoms.

The Power of Nodding Heads: Live support group every Sunday for people struggling with PMDD. Peer to peer support in live Zoom sessions. Join Sundays at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. CST. Email this website for login information.

Discord Chat Server for r/PMDD: The Red Tent is for real time support, venting and chit chat. Read more here.

Reddit Group

There are 20,000 plus people who follow r/PMDD and it's where many people recognize their PMDD symptoms for the first time. Follow for memes, support and a place to vent.

Phone App

Hormone Horoscope: Get accurate predictions of how your rising and dropping hormones will show up day by day. Very helpful, even if it recycles some of the content after awhile.


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